Picture a Day # 3

Way too much coffee. But if it weren’t for the coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever. ~David Letterman

Not enough coffee….but no headache anymore…..I’m on my way. I miss it though. Around here coffee is a social thing……so are the sweets that go along with it.

I got an email from Jim Swanson a few months ago asking if he could paint one of my photos. I was honoured. I truly envy people that can look at something and draw or paint it. Here’s what he did, in oil….the little bay.

You can see more of his stuff here;

I went to the cows this morning (I get a different assignment every day….that’s why I’m married to the Bossman). It’s fairly sunny today but there isn’t any warmth in it as you can seen by the photo…..usually these badlands lose the snow even when there’s a foot on the prairie.

Author: Linda

I'm a southern Alberta ranch wife who works side by side with a great husband raising commercial and purebred Hereford cattle.

8 thoughts on “Picture a Day # 3”

  1. Love the painting…I too envy those who are so artistically inclined. My friend Kat did a head portrait of Colt from a photo I took (she asked if she could) and then it ended up being my Christmas gift. It brings the painting so close to the heart.


  2. What an honor to have Mr. Swanson ask to paint your photo!!! It’s wonderful!!!
    The badlands do look cold!!! We’ve been colder than normal for the past week or two…even with plenty of sunshine the past few days!!!


  3. The thing about that painting that makes it so interesting to me, is the way the big strong brush strokes make it seem so full of energy, even though the horse is standing ground tied. Like he’s ready for action. Hope you buy it.
    @ Colin- stay safe!


  4. Congrats on having one of your photos chosen for a painting.
    Yes, it’s been much colder and lots of snow so it sticks around. I’ve skied about 25 times this year. Excellent conditions!


  5. great to have you back. I really enjoy your posts and have missed you telling us about your life – they are never boring. Gorgeous photos, thank you.


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