Happy Thanksgiving!

If you make any money, the government shoves you in the creek once a year with it in your pockets, and all that don’t get wet you can keep. ~Will Rogers

Yep….I’ve been doing book keeping duties again, hence the quote. I’m also away behind on emails and comments but it sure sounded like everyone has the same feeling about service charges if the comments in my last post are any indication😉 It’s been business as usual and then some around here. I went to a conference in Medicine Hat over the weekend………and my Expedition’s air conditioning pump went kaput. Something had been making a funny noise under the hood for a couple of days but neither one of us un-mechanic’s could figure out what was haywire. It was REALLY making a noise when I got to the Cypress Centre so I shut it off and went into the conference seeing that I was there and there wasn’t much I could do on a Saturday. I had to go across the parking lot for a luncheon meeting and I decided to drive to see if it had healed itself while I was ignoring it……..it was worse. I was going to drive it to the Ford dealership and have a friend pick me up but when he looked at it he told me to turn the heater off that I could use it over the weekend if I could manage without heat. It was 50*F so that was a huge blessing. Our snow left while I was gone, or rather, it melted into a sheet of ice…..making walking just about impossible. Yesterday we went back to the Hat to get the newly fixed Expedition and change banks. That was a nightmare! It took three tries on the ATB’s computer for everything the woman did…..an hour and a half later we had a new account……I’m not sure we’re making the right choice after that rigamarole. We’d gone in on a perfectly semi-sunny day and came out to a whiteout. Terril dropped me off to get my vehicle and hurried out of town (wouldn’t even stop for coffee)…..I made two stops and was a half hour behind. It was rush hour traffic coming from the British Block (army base) at Ralston. I was going north into a northwest blizzard and every time a vehicle went by on my left I had to slow to a crawl…..it was just about as bad when I hit the oil patch traffic north of there. An hour and a half drive took closer to two and a half hours. There was a “Git Gone” party for Jake (our aussie cowboy who’s going back to Queensland) and we had to go to that in the blizzard soon after I got home. We’re going to miss having him around and had hoped to marry him off to a rich Canadian girl but he was just way too fussy. This morning the snow had stopped and at least the ice is covered up in the yard🙂 We’re feeding everything (about a half feed other than the bulls who are babies that cry and sulk if they don’t get more) except the cows which are still grazing for now. Winter routine is starting to set in and for that I’m thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my neighbours to the south……have a good one.

The Red Deer River east of the Steville bridge;

Author: Linda

I'm a southern Alberta ranch wife who works side by side with a great husband raising commercial and purebred Hereford cattle.

11 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. It has been a good one. Sorry about your vehicle and having to drive in the blizzard. It was a balmy 77F here today! and is to be 52 tomorrow.

    Great picture of Red Deer River!


  2. Nothing worse than having to drive in a blizzard! Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. It is always hard to lose a good worker, they are always hard to find now days!


  3. Why do these things have to go kaput at precisely the wrong time.?I had a rad fan start by itself on the coldest night and it not only ran the battery down but froze the battery.


  4. Well at least it didn’t break down at -30…. thank goodness for small favours. We’re still waiting for winter to hit here, a little slush today but that’s all.


  5. We got a little of your snow, but at least I don’t have to cut water holes for my guys. Ryan’s “new” car is burning a little oil, so don’t feel like car woes are only attacking you!


  6. We need all our good Queensland boys back here! I dread the day my kids want to travel and ring home to tell us they’ve fallen head over heels and are staying away! Send him home to his mama.


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