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The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you. ~John E. Southard

So I’ve been lax in the blog department…….not so lax around here though. It’s the time of year where we have cattle scattered out and lots of waterholes to cut everyday. I get SO tired of chasing to waterholes….especially the kind that the Bossman insists on but such is life…..I just do it. We kicked the heifer calves over the hill yesterday after moving bale feeders and making a place for them to lay down. We still have a good eight inches of snow and under that is lots of ice. We saddled a couple of horses and spent a half hour just trying to chase them out of the feedlot. Not so nice on a warmish day when the snow balls up in your horses feet and the ground is slick as snot on a doorknob. Good thing Kits came out and gave as a dogs hand or we would have been there all day. She, at least, could get around without falling on her butt. I rode Snick and he was feeling pretty fresh……spooked a couple of times and just about lost the old girl😉 We got our new truck home…..complete with a new bale deck…..had to take it BACK to the place where they put the bale deck on it…..the first trip was to get a side rail put on that they failed to send the first time and the second trip was to fix an oil leak. I don’t know what’s wrong with business’s lately but I sure get tired of people doing only half a job and expecting ME to pay for it. I had a fight with our insurance broker (yes…..I can get RUDE) the other day. A while back I made a special trip to Hanna to pay our yearly vehicle licence fees and insurance. I had to transfer the plate from the old truck to the new one……the old truck AND the new one is and was in both of our names but they wouldn’t let me transfer the plate without Terril being there to sign it. So stupid, it cause us to make ANOTHER trip to town to get that done. In the meantime I switched the insurance and wanted to pay it all that day….the broker couldn’t figure out what the new truck was going to cost and said they’d just send us a bill. I got THAT yesterday and there was a five dollar service charge for them SENDING me the bill……I called and asked why the charge…..she should be paying me the $5 as she couldn’t do her job when I went in to pay. She took it off!! The bank! I went in there the other day and checked our saving’s account…..there was a $15 service charge…..”what for” I asked…….apparently any time I’ve used my debit card in the last year on that account there’s a $5 service charge each time. “When did that change” I asked and was informed that they changed it a year ago. We have a “financial advisor” that was suppose to tell us. I made them go back and give me back the extracted funds they stole as we hadn’t been ADVISED! I would have fired the creep but as they won’t I think we’ll be changing banks as soon as both of us can make an appointment (another rant as apparently nobody wants to take our money without a stinkin’ appointment that has to be made in advance) to sign the papers at a different institution! I think a jam can in the backyard would be a vast improvement but nobody even uses cash anymore. ENOUGH! I (or somebody) needs an attitude adjustment!

Sometimes I feel like doing like this dog!

Thanks Diane!

Author: Linda

I'm a southern Alberta ranch wife who works side by side with a great husband raising commercial and purebred Hereford cattle.

11 thoughts on “Service Charge”

  1. I think anyone running a small business today or even taking care of a family’s finances, can identify with what you are facing. We are slowly getting our insurance out of the hands of a famous nationwide company that constantly bills me for late fees because their website doesn’t work when I try to pay them. It makes me so mad, but it is a huge undertaking to change such big policies as you have on a farm. We already got our vehicles away from them. If you pay by mail, they do the same thing. For some reason it seems to take weeks for mail to go from city to city…according to them anyhow. I surely feel your pain.


  2. Yes, I can relate to your pain, also! Nothing is simple anymore and there’s a charge for everything!

    Loved the dog!! He’s got a neat system going in getting covered all up too!



  3. Banks and insurance; they know best, but you could ask five different employees the same question and get five different answers. My husband always says, “They don’t trust me, but I’m supposed to trust them.”

    Just makes you want to knock a few heads together, doesn’t it? Or as you put it last post, “GAAH!”

    Take care on that hidden ice; there have been a few injuries in our area because of it.


  4. I don’t always agree with rants but I agree with this one. It’s unbelievable the incompetency of some of these people. I just got my gas bill yesterday so I’m hot about extra charges. I had a major war with and insurance claim this summer. Water holes? Yes their a pain.


  5. I know the feeling with the “thieving habits” of banks!
    Here they are all trying to get customers to go into the machine/electronic age!
    They expect you even in the bank to use the machines, the post offices are following suit. Strange how the bonuses of the CEO’s keep rising all the time????
    That will be fun – arguing with a bloody machine, eh?
    I still line up to see a human!

    Give ’em hell, Linda.

    One hell of an electrical storm here for 20 minutes yesterday, the rain was coming in gusts of over 100 miles an hour and not the straight down type – just like bullets at a firing range. That was the morning version. Then another last night for about 5 hours – the thunder was like an almighty military barrage and the lightning was ferocious. Only ordinary rain last night. The damage bill will be in the millions.
    I turned everything except the fridge off, just in case of a lightning strike.

    You with the snow season and we starting the storm one.
    Oh what fun – ha ha!

    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)


  6. You sound just like Terry and I …I changed over from a health provider for breathing equipment just this last week…the old company billed me interest because they didn’t get my check posted fast enough…seems the check goes one place and it take them UP TO A Month to let the billing PLACE (note not the company for either one) know that I’ve paid. I am NEVER later…ever. I moved everything over to a local company…I sure hope they stay local. Of course NOW I have to jump through a few more hoops, but I hope it is worth it.

    I won’t even get into insurance and the local and state government to License our big grain truck(s) and our trailers to haul stuff…each one has a special road tax on top of everything else.

    I think I had better stop…I could go on and on and get upset all over again.



  7. Be careful in the snow and ice! I didn’t realize you could be RUDE..oh my..I just wish everyone would do their job. like they are supposed that asking too much?? Customer Service has gone out the window. I would switch banks too if I were you. ..$5 dollar service charge for using your own money..outrageous. I have noticed that the only new buildings in this area are banks..must be lots of services charges.:)


  8. Sometimes I think there’s a lot to be said for being a hermit…. we switch banks as soon as the customer service disappears, usually about every 5 years.
    Send the Bossman out to chop waterholes. Maybe he’d come up with a better system if he had to do it everyday.


  9. didn’t want to post this. we were amazed, here in california, when we switched all of our insurance to AAA.  We saved hundreds of dollars (cars, house, earthquake, umbrella in case of lawsuit)………hundreds and the service has been fantastic.  you must have a canadian version of auto club.   and then: if you happen to have any stocks/bonds, etc…..or money (they take that too)    we opened an account at schwab and got their visa card/atm……..if you use the card to get money at ANY atm, the fees get refunded to you – so you can go to any friggin’ bank to get money, your money, for free.  you might want to look into that?   have a great snowy week!

    Jill Polsby    



  10. There’s not a lot you can do about banks and their service charges, except that sometimes here they offer “no service charge accounts” if you keep a large enough balance. That’s real easy to do, right? Especially when every tax under the sun goes up every year. Fie! You don’t want me to join in your rant.


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