A Kind of Routine

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Long time no post……things are hectic as usual this time of year. The calves are weaned, cows are sorted, the culls either sold or are going next week and the rest are back out on grass (which as of today is bare of snow for the most part) but the waterholes are a mess. Mud! Sucking mud! The Bossman went out with the tractor yesterday afternoon and I knew when he said he was going to see if he could move some mud that I’d just as well sit by and wait for the inevitable phone call requesting a pull. I don’t know WHAT he was thinking……maybe he just wanted to drag some mud back to the shop so he had something to clean?

So I got the other tractor out and a LONG chain…..I had no intention of walking two miles home;

He tried filling the ruts in but……..

We picked up the new feed truck last week and this morning Terril took it to Old’s for a new grill guard…..I got to stay home do morning and evening chores and get caught up with skirt-work. Things are starting to get into somewhat of a routine at least. We’ve been without much sun until yesterday and this morning was downright GORGEOUS out;

Author: Linda

I'm a southern Alberta ranch wife who works side by side with a great husband raising commercial and purebred Hereford cattle.

23 thoughts on “A Kind of Routine”

  1. Damn but you know how to leave your readers hanging! Did you get stuck! Did you have to pull Terrill out? Did Terrill have to leave his boots behind since he was stuck up to his knees?

    I’m crazy about your posts. We know you are busy but your life is so different than mine in Los Angeles where it was 90 degrees today. Thank you for taking the time to post


  2. I HATE mud! We are awash in it. And you cannot move it or get rid of it. The boss tries too, endlessly, scraping and chewing around the feeders and the bridge. As soon as he is done the cows and the rain make more. You have my sympathy!


  3. I’m sorry, but I bust out laughing at the photo of Terril with the shovel….. tell him the correct machine for that job is a backhoe, not a tractor. A good load or 3 of pitrun wouldn’t hurt either. (See, you can take the girl out of the construction and roadwork job etc….)


  4. I think the mud thing is taunting for boys! LOL He’s lucky to have such a handy wife I tell you!:) We have no snow here either and no moisture…we better get something soon. Would be nice if it at least froze.


  5. That was probably a costly tow for Terril, in more ways than one. I know it is hard on me when the wife has to come and rescue me, and then just stands there and looks at me, with that “how can you be so dumb (or stupid) look, and there is just no answer.


  6. Haha as soon as he left to do that, I sure woulda been tempted to go out and find something far from a phone to do!


  7. Oh yes, men and mud. I fail to see the attraction myself, especially when you’re supposed to SHOVEL ruts shut. GAAH! indeed.

    Thanks for the morning chuckle.


  8. Interesting – mud and snow. Neither are at the top of my list – good to see some sun. I guess it will be a rarity for a couple of months soon.


  9. Yuck, we have mud but no where near like yours and I think he needed more than a small shovel for those ruts. We finally had a nice sunny day also. You sure miss it when it is gone for weeks on end. I don’t think I would like Alaska


  10. As I’ve said before, if there’s ever a recipe for marital disharmony, try separating a husband and wife by 30 feet of snig chain. Sounds like everything ran smoothly for you though. You’re fortunate to have two such handsome tractors for just such occasions.


  11. Hi Linda! We’re following along here in Arizona – did you get hit with snow yesterday? Wanted to let you know I nominated you for an “Inspiring Blogger Award”:) I hope you will accept! Check back to my page for guidelines of accepting.

    Stay warm and sláinte!


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